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Weekly Cartoons: A Very Brady Tantrum

(Originally posted on TheFarmClub) Throughout the first two games of the NFL season, Tom Brady has made it quite clear on the field that he misses his Brady Bunch of receivers. … Continue reading

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Weekly Cartoons: Are You Ready For Some Football?!…

…because the Ravens aren’t. It appears they were the only ones asleep during Thursday’s NFL kickoff game. (Originally posted on TheFarmClub)

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Weekly Cartoons: Yodel, Yodel, Touchdown

(Originally posted on TheFarmClub) Football fans may not get to hear the overly-enthusiastic soccer commentators’ deafening screams after every score, but the Niners have a solution to that — blast … Continue reading

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Weekly Cartoons: The Circus Comes To Town

(Originally posted on TheFarmClub) It seems that Satan Belichick is attempting to fill the void of Wes Welker’s off-field antics by bringing in a monster with a life of its … Continue reading

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Weekly Cartoons: The Art Of Flopping

(Originally posted on TheFarmClub.net) As the subplots of the NBA playoffs get more interesting, so do the forms of flopping.

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Weekly Cartoons: Hungry for Trash-Talking

(Originally posted on TheFarmClub.net) Even if Steve Smith let Mark Sanchez pass him a “paper bag sandwich,” it would probably get intercepted anyhow.

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Warriors exit with a SPLASH!

I think this cartoon is pretty self-explanatory. Warriors have much to be proud of. There is great hope for the future.

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Meet Chris O’Donnell’s creeper/pedo alter ego, Tiago Splitter

After watching the Warriors in battle with the Spurs for so long, I thought I was imagining things when I saw Chris O’Donnell on the court. Obviously it wasn’t him … Continue reading

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Goonies…always say…tie

This may come a day late seeing as the Earthquakes finally stole a win at home last night before heading off to the hell that is the Seattle Sounders’ home … Continue reading

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Janksters take on the world (literally)!

I’m baaack! Well not really, I just started getting a lil’ rusty in my cartooning as it has been four months since I last completed a cartoon, so I decided … Continue reading

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Cleveland at Denver

Browns at BroncosDecember 23rd, 2012
Are you ready for some football?!
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