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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

I hope everyone had an eventful (n’ safe) Thanksgiving weekend. My Thursday n’ Sunday were mostly spent on a couch with my sis inhaling football n’ Hallmark Christmas movies while also inhaling loads of food. Needless to say, it was one swell Thanksgiving break. I picked all three Thanksgiving games correctly, n’ I was even rooting for two of the winning teams.

10. Speaking of the one winning team I wasn’t rooting for, how about the Patriots humiliating the Jets. Then again, I don’t think the Jets ever need any help being humiliated. One of the many Jets turnovers came when Sanchez ran into his own lineman n’ fumbled the football. I guess he was sacked by his teammate’s derrière.

9. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving day football without some controversy. I’m going to conveniently ignore the replay controversy in the Texans/Lions game n’ jump to the Suh’s groin-kick on Schaub. So I realize how difficult it would be for a large guy to purposely kick a target while falling, but after re-watching the footage, I feel like Suh was, shall I say, making the most of the moment n’ added a little oomph to his kick as he was falling hoping to kick Schaub – it just so happens his foot landed in an uncomfortable place for Schaub.

8. I guess the Dolphins needed a little help after they were trailing the Seahawks, so they decided to let the sprinklers go off in the middle of the game (just kidding, it was all accidental but nonetheless very entertaining). The irony is that Seahawks should be used to playing on wet turf being from Seattle, but I guess the interruption messed with their psyche. It was an interesting sight, seeing grown men enjoy the sprinkling of water so thoroughly…

7. The Ravens may have been in a slump offensively on Sunday, but the Chargers made sure to give them a boost by allowing Ray Rice to convert a 4th & 29. Not to take away from a great run by Ray Rice after a Joe Flacco one-yard dump off, but that Chargers defense was atrocious. The sad part is that I still maintain that its defense is better than its offense – they don’t have much going for them right now down in San Diego.

6. Words cannot even describe how hilarious this next story is. It involves Cowboy fans, a petition, n’ President Obama.

5. Pop quiz time! Upon his return to the starting lineup for the Chicago Bears, Jay Cutler
a) received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty flag
b) tied his lineman’s shoe
c) sacked himself
d) none of the above
e) all the above
If you chose e, ding ding ding! you are correct. An eventful day for his first game post concussion.

4. Tiny ol’ Darren Sproles flips huge Aldon Smith over his back. Too bad the whole game couldn’t be like this.

3. This video is from a South Park episode aired a while back mocking player safety. I couldn’t stop laughing during this “commercial” because of all the athlete endorsements. It’s dirty n’ ridiculous but completely n’ utterly hilarious.

2. Golden State Warriors never end up on ESPN SportsCenter’s Top 10 Plays OR SportsNation. Heck, they’re probably only referenced once per season. Yet somehow, rookie Harrison Barnes’ dunk was not only talked about the day after it happened but throughout the week. Finally some Warrior love! or at the very least some Barnes love. This is the first season I’ve watched an entire NBA game, n’ I must say that the Warriors have finally made things interesting.

1. No one would ever imagine hearing “San Jose State,” “football,” and “good” in the same sentence ever again. But then again, nothing’s impossible. Upon beating Louisiana Tech n’ securing sole possession over the number spot in the WAC, the Spartans also accomplished another unbelievable feat – being nationally ranked. Sure, they’re not ranked in the AP Poll although it looks like they have enough votes that would put them at #26 if such a rank existed, but nonetheless they are #25 in the BCS Standings n’ are going to a bowl game! What a wonderful way to leave the WAC. With Stanford having a good hold on the Pac-12 n’ SJSU ready to leap into the MWC, Bay Area football is  once again on the rise.

As a bonus, I’m adding my playoff picks. This past weekend my sis n’ I entertained the idea of a three-way tie between Baltimore, Denver, n’ New England in the AFC, which is possible if Denver beats Baltimore n’ New England does not lose against Houston or San Francisco (yeah right!). The whole scenario is highly unlikely in my opinion, but it was an interesting one to entertain due to Baltimore beating New England, New England beating Denver, n’ in this scenario Denver beating Baltimore. It turns out that the Patriots would hold the tiebreaker due to their winning percentage in the conference (poop), meaning the Broncos could only move up to #3 thus leaving the Ravens at #4. Anyhow, moving on to a more likely scenario, thanks to ESPN.com my NFL playoff predictions are as follows

AFC: #1 Houston (15-1), #2 Denver (13-3), #3 Baltimore (12-4), #4 New England (11-5), #5 Indianapolis (10-6 seriously?), #6 Steelers (10-6 or Bengals if Big Ben is still out)
NFC: #1 San Francisco (13-2-1 what?), #2 New York (12-4), #3 Green Bay (12-4 *sobs*), #4 Atlanta (12-4), #5 Chicago (12-4), #6 Seattle (9-7 could easily be Washington or Tampa Bay)

I just noticed we could have another interesting four-way tie between New York, Green Bay, Atlanta, n’ Chicago. Then again, if Chicago manages to pull out a win versus Green Bay, they’ll have sole possession of the #2 spot, n’ with a win over Atlanta New York secure #3. Needless to say, the race is close, super close. I’m still perplexed by how San Francisco ended up on top of the NFC in my own predictions when I never thought they were the best team even in the NFC. Then again, anything can happen in this last month of the regular season.


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