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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

With this week being the start of the holiday season, I decided to create a list of my favorite things to do/place to go during the holidays. If you find yourself in the Bay around this time, you should check some of these out!

Winter Wonderland mini carnivals in Downtown San Jose / QC APPROVED.

3. One of my favorite things about Downtown San Jose during the holidays is that it looks like Christmas has exploded all over the city. The second you enter Downtown you see colorful lights flashing everywhere n’ Christmas music blasting at every block. One of the greatest smells, aside from that of pine trees, are that of carnival food from Winter Wonderland. Two streets in Downtown are lined with carnival rides, food stands, n’ game  booths. The atmosphere is electrifying with all the families thoroughly enjoying the holiday season.

Christmas in the Park in Downtown San Jose / QC APPROVED.

2. The default place for me n’ my friends to hang out during the holidays is Christmas in the Park in Downtown San Jose. It’s set to kick off its 33rd year in existence with the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony this Friday 11/23 at 6pm. On many nights there are also performances on various stages around the park. I once heard a high school marching band, and one year I got the chance to accompany my school’s choir on the piano. It truly is a spectacular place to be during the holidays. On some lamp posts are attached snow makers. Okay, so it’s fake snow, it’s just foam, but you can’t tell the difference from all the kids who fully enjoy twirling below the lamp post. Be sure to keep an eye out for the parachuting penguin carousel display – it’s my favorite.

Downtown Ice outdoor skating rink in Downtown San Jose / QC APPROVED.

1. If you want the full holiday experience, you have to check out Downtown Ice. It’s a small rink, but the ambiance is so magical. The rink is set up at the center of the circle of palm tree between the  Museum of Modern Art and the Fairmont Hotel, which is across the street from Christmas in the Park. At night, lights are twinkling everywhere including on the palm trees, n’ Christmas music is played from the rink n’ the park. The Opening Celebration will be this Friday 11/23 at 5:15pm.

This wouldn’t be a 3rd & long without some football, so here is a video of Key & Peele’s college football East/West Bowl player introductions. This is from a while back, but I just saw a clip of it on Jay Leno n’ couldn’t stop literally laughing out loud.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!


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