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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

I spent this long Veterans Day weekend with my family watching basketball, football, sappily amazing Hallmark Christmas movies, n’ some more football. This was all accompanied by a bucket o’ chicken. Talk bout food baby. I think we got a good workout from yelling at the television while the Golden State Warriors were busy giving away the game to the Denver Nuggets n’ the St Louis Rams chased away a win. Talk about a workout for the lungs. Full disclaimer – I know Eli n’ the Giants have recently found themselves in a slump, but I didn’t take any jabs at them because I could never bash Eli. Who could bare to see Sad Eli. Without further ado,  I give you this week’s countdown.

10. The Dallas Cowboys may not have much to be proud of presently (albeit they finally closed out a game with a win last Sunday), but they have much to be proud of in their past. Roger Staubach is the epitome of class.

9. The Broncos got a Holliday gift from the officials on Sunday. Holliday’s touchdown on special teams was amazing – until it just wasn’t. It turns out that he let go of the ball at the one yard line flinging it into the end zone – if reviewed properly, that play should have been ruled a fumble. This exemplifies the immaturity n’ cockiness Broncos still need to overcome. Carelessness can destroy a team.

8. Aside from the fact that last Sunday’s game between the Niners n’ the Rams ended in a tie, it was a very peculiar game. First there is the issue of the referees forgetting to stop the clock while measuring the placement of the ball on a Niners posession. This cost them a precious 1 minute n’ 12 seconds, which may have allowed them to possess the ball for one last drive during regulation in the alternate reality. Later in the game Alex Smith was hit hard n’ left the game with a concussion before halftime (one of four quarterback in-game injuries this Week 10). In our reality, the Rams failed to hammer the nail in the coffin of  a major upset n’ settled (almost contently) for overtime. The Rams failed to score or get anything going offensively on their first possession of overtime, and it seemed as though the Niners would capitalize n’ end the game. However, that didn’t happen when Akers missed a 41-yard field goal. The Rams then had a chance to seal themselves a win with rookie sensation Zuerlein kicking a 53-yard field goal. He split the uprights perfectly down the middle – yay, they won! Except…Rams are penalized for delay of game. Five yards added, 58 yards later, the ball ended up nowhere near the uprights. This, unfortunately, gave the Niners extremely good field position. However, it obviously didn’t result in much. During the Rams’ last possession of overtime, two Rams players are seen lolligagging to the line of scrimmage – it turns out that one of them thought there would be a second overtime, n’ a Niners player didn’t know ties even existed in the NFL. All of this even after Donovan McNabb infamously claimed he didn’t know a tie was possible only four years ago when the Eagles tied with the Bengals.

7. On a Raiders 4th-and-1 on the Baltimore 48, the stats sheet recorded a Ravens defense sack for a 4-yard loss. However, an Oakland offensive lineman did all the work for the Ravens by tripping his own quarterback n’ proceeding to step on a Carson Palmer coiled up in fetal position attempting to protect the ball. I’m surprised Palmer wasn’t one of the handful of quarterback injured this week – this play would have been injury to the insulting loss (I know, bad word play).

6. The next few plays are instances where players flash their talents at other positions. First example: Seahawks wide receiver, Golden Tate threw for a touchdown, and he was successful. Regardless of crappy Jets defense, this was an amazing play.

5. Tie aside, the Rams played an incredible game Sunday for most of regulation. Trying to distance themselves from the Niners, they converted two fourth downs with fake punts that involved having their punter complete a pair of passes. Talk about beautiful spiral.

4. Who said punters aren’t “legit” athletes? If you’re a nonbeliever, you should watch Giants’ punter Steve Weatherford pursue Adam “Pacman” Jones down the field even after missing his first chance at a tackle.

3. Ryan Tannehill, with the Dolphins down about 30 points, throws an interception n’ chases after the defender for a tackle. Yes, this play is dangerous, but luckily nothing bad happened n’ we can simply watch in awe of the athleticism exhibited by the young rookie. At the very least, it’s better than Christian Ponder’s reflex to catch a ball batted down by a defender…which caused his offense to lose about 15 yards instead of simply receiving an incomplete pass. Oh, Ponder…

2. Sometimes reporters can be real a-holes. I don’t blame Norv Turner for completely n’ utterly blowing up after being asked if this loss was unacceptable. I didn’t know this side of Norv existed…maybe Phillip Rivers (the perennial loud mouthed trash-talker) rubbed off on him.

1. Saints knock off Falcons. ‘Nuff said. (Might I add, I totally called the “upset!”) In other news, Drew Brees has a new Pepsi commercial with One Direction…instead of singing (which he did just as well as any of those five munchkins would), this time Brees chucked a ball at one of the lil’ dude. Two words – THANK YOU.


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