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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

It has been a busy week, primarily due to the ever-so important elections. I cast my first ever presidential election ballot, so a good feeling right there. Between religiously following the election results of the California propositions and following the MLS Cup playoffs, football was on the back burner this week. Thus, this week’s top moments list has been shortened I leave you with (lucky number) seven top moments of the week.

7. The Niners had anything but a quiet bye week with the World Series Champions Giants as neighbors. Apparently some in the Niners organization couldn’t stay away from the victory parade through San Francisco. You might have caught Alex Smith hiding his face under a cap while driving Matt Cain’s car and Jim Harbaugh driving Brandon Belt’s car. I would have been scared if I were Belt – Harbaugh, road rage, who knows…

6. Sunday’s Buccs at Raiders game was made out to be a slugfest between two very physical teams that had tendencies to be sloppy with defense n’ rack up ridiculous penalty yardage. Well, the game surely didn’t disappoint with this interesting collision…I guess their heads really are in the game (alrighty, bad joke).

5. Michael Vick gets personal foul call when attempting to tackle a Saints player down low after he’s picked off in the redzone.

4. For those of you not familiar with Major League Soccer, I give you the San Jose Earthquakes n’ Los Angeles Galaxy heated rivalry known as California Clasico since it’s a battle between north n’ south. If you didn’t watch Sunday’s Western Conference Semifinals leg 1, you missed an epic penalty kick. Most of it was luck, which made it even more hilarious. Gonzalez will no doubt forever regret jumping on that free kick. This was the guy who ran his mouth about how embarrassing the Quakes’ style of play was. I leave you with this image in mind.

3. Eagles special team’s attempt at trickery on a kick off return was quite the entertaining game of hide n’ seek, but unfortunately their pass was ruled a forward pass, so the entire play was brought back n’ penalty yards were tacked on. I laugh so hard every time I see the replay. I never thought anyone could pull off hiding in the endzone, especially one that doesn’t match your uniform color.

2. There are no words to describe how much it warms my heart to hear Chuck Pagano speak these words. All I can say is – Chuckstrong.

1. This isn’t even sports related, but the elections are finally over! Well, almost. Southern California is a bit slow at counting ballots. No more ads berating candidates, propositions, or measures. May I simply congratulate Maryland n’ Maine for embracing marriage equality. A shoutout should also go out to Minnesota for batting down a proposition prohibiting marriage equality (something even liberal California couldn’t do four years ago). N’ how bout Colorado being the first state to legalize weed for recreational use? Washington following close by. In state news, the human trafficking proposition was passed with a whopping 81% of voters in favor of it, so my faith in Californians still exists.

Happy Wednesday! GO QUAKES! BEAT LA.


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