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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

Wondo celebrating record-tying goal with Quakes teammates. / AP SF.

To be honest, the only reason I was even keeping up with football last week was because Broncos were playing Saints on Sunday Night Football. Between the SF Giants playing in the errr… winning the sweeping the Tigers in the World Series, the SJ Earthquakes finishing up their regular season with Wondo tying the league record for goals scored in a single season n’ the race to the MLS Cup starting up, and Skate Canada there was too much sport to be watched. This week’s installment of 3rd & long is kind of a mumble-jumble of things, as that is how my mind is right now, so please bear with me. In honor of Halloween (yes, it’s today – you should know that unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, or are a rock), this week’s countdown has been split into “tricks” & “treats.” Happy Halloween! n’ be safe! especially if you’re in the Bay n’ plan on going to the Giants victory parade in San Francisco…


10. You were watching that Cowboys game, n’ you thought they won, didn’t you? n’ you turned off the television. Well…PSYCH! I’d typically be more enthusiastic about a play like this, but I’m sick n’ tired of this team (yes, already). Cowboys almost get TD but Dez Bryant’s glove or fingernail (whichever joke you want to use) went out of bounds – the difference between hero n’ zero. In all fairness, the ‘Boys wouldn’t have been in this situation had Romo not thrown 4 picks. N’ in all fairness, Romo isn’t the only one on the team sucking majorly right now *cough* Dez Bryant’s punt return fumble *cough*. Although I still don’t get why Romo threw the last pass of the game out-of-bounds. He’s like Cutler – a head-scratcher, those two.

9. I’m breaking my own rule n’ mentioning college football. There are always the typical acrobatic catches n’ whatnot, but this play was rather odd in my opinion. In the penalty-riddled USC at Arizona Pac-12 matchup, there was a play near the end of the second quarter when Arizona QB Matt Scott threw his first pick, but the USC player who intercepted the ball fumbled it near the original line of scrimmage, which was then recovered by Arizona. Like, what?!

8. In the Dolphins’ rout of the Jets, they manage to get around Tebow *gasps* n’ block a Jets punt.

7. Ugly throwbacks aside, Big Ben has a brain fart n’ throws the football to referee’s head. I guess this is how he expresses his feelings. The on-going joke is that he got confused by the stripes. I’d surely be hecka distracted…

6. In the grand scheme of things, this play didn’t make-or-break the fate of the Atlanta Falcons as it did the Cowboys, since the birds ended up pummeling the other birds. When Julio Jones steps out-of-bounds, a referee throws his hat, then to signal a penalty he decides to pull out all the contents of pocket. Did he just forget which pocket his flag was in? I wonder if he emptied his pockets, or if they’re one of those magical, bottomless pits like Santa’s bag or Hermione’s bag in the last Harry Potter book.


5. Phil Coke of  the Detroit Tigers impersonates his teammate Miguel Cabrera. Very hilarious stuff. I could imagine this being completely true.

4. I can’t believe it, but Meryl Davis & Charlie White were invited to skate on NBC’s Today! What better way to garner more interest for the sport, n’ who better to do it than the loveliest ice dancing pair?

3. In addition to his infamous Gronk-spike, Gronk adds a little British flair to his post-touchdown celebration. If you liked that, here are some more interesting on-field celebrations (WARNING: if you’re  Jets fan, maybe not a good idea to relieve that painful (that I totally called) game vs. Dolphins). Watch at the end, Gronk…never ceases to surprise me. I find this celebration to be almost as epic (although I’m probably definitely bias) – Decker spikes the ball, gives a Mile High salute, n’ does the Lambeau leap in a post-touchdown celebration.

2. Colts’ running back Vick Ballard apparently doesn’t like being ordinary, so he goes n’ scores a game-winning overtime touchdown like this. One word: skillz.

1. The number one treat of the week in my opinion: Chris Wondolowski of the San Jose Earthquakes tying the single season record for goals scored in MLS. Needless to say he won the Golden Boot. What a great way to cap off a fairytale regular season for the Quakes after winning the Supporters Shield n’ earning home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The playoffs kick off tonight with Chicago hosting Houston. I hope the Quakes can prove all the doubters wrong n’ bulldoze their way to the MLS Cup. Go Quakes! Hey MLS, did you feel that?!


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