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The autumn leaves…fall by my window

Oh Autumn, how I’ve been longing for your sweet caress (ie wind blowing in my face)! Thinking about the wonders of Autumn reminded me of the beautiful song penned by the famous French poet Jacques Prévert, Les feuilles mortes interpreted by Edith Piaf, which is also sung in part in English. My favorite part of the season is of course the rustling of the leaves and the light breeze. Living in NorCal, the presence of Autumn is not as apparent as back East, but it is still my favorite season. As the weather cools down, it’s starting to become scarf weather! This means time to start crocheting again. Anyhow, today’s DIY is actually not a crochet pattern (though I plan to post some of my latest creations soon), but rather a piece of home decor. With this DIY, let your imagination n’ creative run wild n’ you’ll come up with even more awesome pieces. Without further ado, how to create a tree wall-decor with cardboard n’ toilet paper rolls.


  • cardboard (like from moving box)
  • toilet paper rolls (I used 2 rolls)
  • aluminum foil
  • paint (I chose ochre n’ a champagne-colored glitter paint)
  • box cutter (don’t be impatient n’ idiotic like me – I cut myself with an X-acto knife meant for scrapbooking)
  • hot glue gun (gotta have my crafty magic wand!)

Design n’ draw tree trunk n’ branches. / QC APPROVED.

1. Start by sketching out your design. Once you finalize it, determine how the proportions will fit on your piece of cardboard. Draw your design on the cardboard. Don’t worry about the creases in the cardboard if you’re using an old box, I actually find that it gives your piece a certain charm since you know the cardboard is recycled.

Tree cutout / QC APPROVED.

2. With a box cutter, cut out your tree. Beware for stickers n’ packing tape if you’re recycling a box – be sure to cut all the way through. Unless you want a ring finger with multiple stab wounds, I suggest you do not use an X-acto knife, at least not the small art ones used for scrapbooking…

Painted n’ cut toilet paper rolls on painted aluminum foil. / QC APPROVED.

3. This step highly depends on the direction you want your piece to take. I wanted a rustic look, so I painted/sponged some ochre paint on a sheet of aluminum foil. I even used a plastic fork to rake off some of the paint for a grunge look. I then coated the sheet with some glitter paint to give it a shimmering glow. Now take your toilet paper roll n’ smoosh it in half; crease it nicely. I wanted a subtle yet shimmering look, so I silver-metallic sharpied all my rolls. I then coated them with my glitter paint.

Toilet paper roll n’ aluminum foil leaves. / QC APPROVED.

4. Now take your flattened toilet rolls n’ measure & cut them in 1/4 inches strips. (Remember, measure twice, cut once.) Next shape your strips into your desire leaf shapes n’ whip out that magical hot glue gun n’ glue those leaf shapes down to the aluminum foil. Once you have glued down all of your toilet roll pieces, cut off all excess aluminum foil around your leaves. Hot glue tends to keep its 3D form, so you may be cutting through some thick chunks of glue – this may involve re-gluing some leaves. Once you’ve cut out all your leaves, you should have a beautiful stack like above.

Finished cardboard n’ toilet paper roll tree. / QC APPROVED.

5. Paint your cardboard tree. I painted a couple coats of ochre paint n’ added a coat of glitter paint. Now hot glue gun your leaves to your branches. if you wish to attach multiple leaves to a single branch, first glue the two or three leaves together by dropping drops of glue on the sides of the leaves (on the toilet roll sections). Make sure all the leaves are well secured together, then glue onto the tip of the branch. Spread the leaves around n’ remember that nature never looks perfectly symmetrical.

Now hang up your beautiful tree. I hammered some nails halfway into the wall n’ hung the tree on these nails so I didn’t have to destroy my tree. Sit back, relax, n’ enjoy the newly improved, beautiful view before you.


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