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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

Russel Wilson rushing the ball n’ holding off a Patriots defender in the epic “upset.” / Seattle Seahawks – Rod Mar.

This past Sunday hosted a collection of upsets and almost-upsets. Many close, ugly games were won and lost, while there were a few blowouts. Because I was away from home at the local Downtown Campbell Oktoberfest with family, I decided to experiment n’ sign up for ESPN text alerts for every Sunday game. Not counting Sunday Night’s game, I received 110 text message alert between 10AM n’ 4:30PM PDT. Seven “underdogs” won their games this past week – that’s half of this week’s games, granted some of the upsets were exactly upsets since the odds listed by Vegas didn’t match public opinion. I’m happy to report that I totally called the Browns’ win over the Bengals – happy birthday to Brandon Weeden. I realize that this week has provided us with ample of incredible plays, so I had to pick my favorites – sorry if your team isn’t on here, they’re probably on the honorary mentions, although that list is too long as well.

10. Because this week has been filled with too many amazing plays n’ moments, I shall provided you with a bigillion-way tie for 10th. Jacoby Jones returns ball for 108-yards for a Ravens touchdown. Texans block a Packer punt n’ convert it into a touchdown (although too little too late). Eagles snap the ball before Vick is ready n’ of course it adds to the fumble count (classic undisciplined birds). Alex Smith to Randy Moss was the only highlight of them against the Giants. Chiefs blocked punt is followed by the Buccs’ punter “throwing” a pick-six (at least I think that’s what happened – crazy play n’ crazy game).

9. On one hand we have Seahawks’ Richard Sherman trash talking the almighty Tom Brady (sarcasm intended), n’ on the other we have Aaron Rodgers half-jokingly shushing critics. Both were entertaining, but being indifferent towards Rodgers n’ majorly disliking Brady, I think it’s obvious which story I enjoyed more.

8. Going into Week 6, I thought the Colts would end up with a third “W” in a close win over the Jets. Sadly, it wasn’t even a close loss. However, the game was not without entertaining plays from the Jets, which were surprisingly more productive than gimmicky. Case and point – the Tebow-led fake punt 4th down conversion, which was a 4th & 11. I’m actually impressed since #1- Tebow was allowed to throw the ball #2- Jets receiver actually caught it. Nice stuff. Now maybe the Jets can put together a perfect game against the Patriots next Sunday because nothing beats seeing Brady n’ Belichick sulk after a loss.

7. Alex Smith’s new favorite receiver is apparently Antrel Rolle – only problem, he’s a Giant.

6. Tom Brady was “sacked” by own teammate, Nate Solder. ‘Nuff said. (Unfortunately it seems that the heavens have sided with Brady n’ satan Belichick n’ deleted all visual evidence of this incident.)

5. Raiders picked off Matt Ryan three times. Things were looking up for the Raiders ’til one player tackled his own punt returner n’ was flagged for a helmet-to-helmet hit. The look on Dennis Allen’s face at the end of the video says it all. Raiders looked as if they were about to make it out alive until unfortunately (or rather fortunately for the AFC West), Carson Palmer chucked a pick-six, but he was quite remarkable in his almost-tackle of the Falcon returner.

4. Sunday brought upon an incredible thunderstorm of game-changing plays within the span of 11 seconds. I’m actually going to list them out of order because I feel that the order in which they happened does properly match their respective level of awesomeness. Without further do, I give you the third n’ last play of the 11 seconds: Jay Feely’s 61-yard game-tying field goal goes to waste with his 39-yard (eventual) game-losing field goal. He still remains one of the more dependable kickers in the NFL, having already won the Cardinals a few close games as well as some overtime ones, but I guess a win against the Bills was simply not written in the stars (sorry, couldn’t resist).

3. The next play kicked off these amazing 11 seconds. The Redskins we already leading the Vikings, but the Vikes were still in striking distance. With the next play, the Vikes’ fate was almost sealed (Ponder’s second interception that might have cost the Vikings 7 points was the nail in the coffin). RGIII, coming off a mild concussion, exploited the Vikings defense n’ rushed 76 yards for a touchdown. The Griffin-led Redskins were electrifying today, particularly on offense. I had picked the Vikings to win a close game within 3 points, n’ I must admit that I was a tad disappointed they couldn’t pull another rabbit out of the hat, but in the end I was happy for the ‘Skins. Aside from this week (n’ possibly next week against the Giants), I typically root for the ‘Skins because Mike Shanahan + RGIII = offense heaven! I honestly don’t know who to pick for next week’s game between Redskins n’ Giants, but I’m sure it will be one of the highlights of the week.

2. The most impressive of the threesome was the second to happen within this time frame. The Seahawks were down 17-23 at home against the Patriots. Russel Wilson had the ball in hand with a little under 1:30 left in the game. He took the snap n’ BAM. Beautiful pass down the field to the endzone where the ball was greeted by Sidney Rice who beat two defenders. (Sidenote: Rice called the ball floating in the air “so pretty” ha…ha…) Remember my remark about how wonderful it would be to see Brady n’ Belichick sulk after a loss? Yeah…I had a nice Sunday afternoon.

1. Broncos got off to a rough start. That’s an understatement. After a pair of fumbled n’ lost kick returns as well as costly penalties, the Broncos’ luck seemed to be changing when a wide-open Decker caught a pass that appeared to be a sure touchdown. You can guess what happened next. Apparently there’s a new phenomenon – #Deckering n’ well, #Deckering cuz of this play. (Spoiler alert: obviously there was a good outcome for the Broncos since Manning was able to joke about this Decker brain lapse.) Twitter exploded in the first half among Bronco faithfuls – just type in #DENvsSD n’ you’ll see. After Manning was picked off on the following play, a Broncos defensive player did pick off Rivers in the first half. However, he received a penalty for delay of game since he spiked the ball…I guess it was a live ball? I’m still not sure about that call, but it doesn’t really matter any more. After a second half opening drive touchdown strike to Demariyus Thomas, the Broncos D just lit up, as exhibited in this Dumervil strip sack of Rivers, in which the ball was ran into the endzone by another Bronco #32. After turning over the ball too many times to count, Rivers began looking like his old divisional foe, Jay Cutler, especially with this gesture to his coach. Manning even scrambled like he was 22 all-over again jumping over defenders lying around on the turf to avoid a sack n’ complete a pass. One of the most amazing plays is how Manning manages to find Stokely in the endzone, who manages to haul the ball in dragging both feet on the ground to allow Broncos to take the lead for the first time in the game. Ah, what a Monday Night. Doesn’t get sweeter than seeing your team’s most-hated divisional foe n’ your least favorite QB ever getting completely shut down. N’ with that, I leave you with a pair of gifs Mile High Report has put together.

Another Von Miller sack dance to add to the collection. / SB Nation.

Rivers throws mouthpiece…n’ it isn’t intercepted. / SB Nation.

What an eventful week! Hopefully next week is equally as entertaining with some nice, Bronco-less football games.


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