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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

NFL supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month. / SB Nation.

10. Chiefs fans grew restless during Sunday’s game versus the Ravens, so much so that they cheered on an injured Matt Cassel, when he lay on the field with a concussion. Eric Winston, a fellow Chiefs player, proceeded to call out fans n’ expressed his disgust with their actions. I agree with his stance – fans may pay for their tickets, but when considering the humanity of it all, it is flat out wrong to cheer when anyone is hurt. Yes, NFL quarterbacks are paid a large salary, but that is a completely other conversation. The issue here is that a human is laying on the ground, injured, n’ other human beings are showing no compassion as they cheer on this injury. When that one Raiders receiver was knocked out in mid-air n’ lay on the turf motionless for 11 minutes, I was scared n’ concerned. No one should ever wish any harm on a human being, particularly innocent ones. Well said, sir Winston.

9. Speaking of booing, Jets fans booed as Tebow walked off n’  Sanchez marched onto the field after sitting out one play. Before the game, Trent Dilfer took a poll asking fans to vote which QB would give Jets the best chance. About 83% (possibly even 87%) of viewers texted in their vote to be Tebow. Overall, the Jets played much better than against San Francisco (they actually scored a point, 17 actually). Tebow finally used for more than gimmick plays – he actually helped convert a pretty impressive 4th down, which was probably the first productive play he has run this season. Too bad Sanchez couldn’t do anything with a fresh set of downs n’ struck out on a three-and-out.

8. The Jets’ Joe McKnight returned a kickoff for 100 yards n’ a touchdown. It seemed as if they actually had a chance against the stingy Texans defense. But, as there ever any doubt that Texans would walk out of New Jersey as a 5-0 team? I think not.

7. Where’s Wes Welker? Catching 13 passes from his pal Tom Brady. When interviewed by the New England-based CSN, Welker joked that he likes to “stick it in Bill’s face once in a while.” Leave it to Welker to make wise cracks directed to his stone-faced coach. This story somehow got blown out of proportion over the course of 24 hours in New England, but it shouldn’t be viewed as a jab at Belichick. On the contrary, it should be a sign that Welker still has a good relationship with the coach since he’s still being his usual, sarcastic self. Even as a Patriots disliker (*cough* hater *cough*), I find Welker’s wit highly entertaining. So long as he’s productive on the field, why should he stop being Welker?

6. An Eagle player,  Kurt Coleman, pulled off Antonio Brown’s shoe while tackling him n’ decided to throw it at him, obviously in frustration of Brown connecting with Big Ben for 20 yards. This is one of the funnier mini-tantrums I’ve seen on the field. I find it even more hilarious that a Steeler player can be seen pointing at the shoe that had been shown – yeah, don’t pretend that you, yourself haven’t done anything worse, dirty, physical Steeler. Luckily the shoe didn’t hit anyone (especially a ref!), so no harm, no foul.

Coleman rips off Brown’s shoe & throws it at him. / SB Nation

5. Browns’ QB Brandon Weeden throws the ball twice in one play. At first glance, it looks like quite the action-packed, entertaining play ending in a pretty cool touchdown. At second glance, we remember the rule about a QB throwing the ball twice in one play, which makes the touchdown illegal. Ah, what a shame. Nevertheless, this play provides fans with some entertainment n’ adds to Weeden’s collection of, shall we say, memorable plays. To add insult to injury, on the play immediately following this one, Weeden got picked off in the endzone. You can’t write scripts like these – classic Weeden.

Weeden throws illegal touchdown pass after passing it twice. / SB Nation.

4. And the Vikings continue to impress. Aside f rom Percy Harvin, Kyle Rudolph seems to be Christian Ponder’s go-to-in-desperate-situations guy. Rudolph caught a spectacular 15-yard touchdown by splitting two Titan defenders. There are many other impressive Viking plays, many of which are Adrian Peterson making something out of nothing at all, but that would require linking to almost every Vikings-related webpage, n’ to be I’m too lazy to do that.

3. It is awesome to see every person involved in the NFL games wearing pink. Stadiums decked out in pink is also cool.

2. Drew Brees breaks Johnny Unitas’s legendary record of 47 straight games with a touchdown with 48 of his own. This was only the beginning of an uplifting night for the New Orleans Saints, who finally earned their first win of the season (now 1-4). Brees’s n’ his teammates’ reaction were priceless, which were topped by the eruption of applause from the fans. It was a wonderful moment, even for those who aren’t Saints fans (such as myself). It reminded me of the days when the Mile High Stadium would erupt as the announcer announced that Elway had just broken some quarterback record n’ the stats would flash on every screen n’ scoreboard in the stadium. This reminded me of the good ol’ days of football, when it used to seem to always be about football. Congratulation Drew Brees, I couldn’t imagine a better person to hold one of the most prestigious records in the NFL.

1. This past Sunday, an emotional Jim Irsay gave a heartfelt postgame locker room speech dedicating the game ball to head coach Chuck Pagano, who was diagnosed a week ago with a treatable form of leukemia. This was a truly beautifully touching moment that exemplified what it means to come together in a time of need.


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