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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

Oakland at Denver – Peyton Manning in Broncos’ divisional opener / DenverBroncos.com

10. Lance Ball gives Bronco fans a Mile High Salute after catching a Manning pass n’ running it into the endzone allowing the Broncos to take a 31-6 lead over the Raiders in the 3rd quarter. It’s nice to see the legacy Terrell Davis has left behind is alive n’ well.

9. Andre Roberts also gave a Mile High Salute after catching a game-tying touchdown for the Cardinals. This specific video also introduces you to the world of sports broadcasting in Spanish. If you thought American commentators were enthusiastic, wait ’til you watch this video.

8. Jerome Simpson continues to make acrobatic catches. One more reason to watch the Vikes. SKOL!

7. Warm reception of regular referees upon their return. Of course, about one quarter into each game, fans, players, and coaches alike returned to their normal routine of hating referees.

6. One of the weirder player injuries came Sunday during the Redskins’ pregame warmup when two players collided resulting in the loss of a wide receiver n’ a safety. Two men lost before the battle even started…luckily, the ‘Skins still won, but what an unfortunate to get injured.

5. I have never been a huge fan of Tony Romo, viewing him as an overrated player, but I’ve recently seen why people think he is so great. It is well-known around the league that the Cowboys virtually have no O-line, but Romo somehow finds ways to make plays. He escapes sacks like freakn Houdini n’ defies the laws of physic by creating plays from nothing like a freakn magician.

4. While throwing a flag deep in the backfield, a referee trips backwards over ball in the Vikings/Lions game. Unfortunately, it looks like this video has disappeared off the face of the earth to protect the dignity of these regular refs.

3. How about the entire 49ers/Jets game. The first shutout of the season was between one of the best teams in the league and one of the worst. Nevertheless, it was quite impress. The Niners re-established themselves as one of the top-ranked defenses after the previous week of dismantling in the hands of the Vikes, while the Jets re-affirmed what many have implied since the beginning of the season: they suck. The Niners also successfully ran the wildcat formation a handful of times. Though successful, Alex Smith is not losing his starting QB job any time soon, seeing as he has proven himself to be a good game manager for this offense. You know you’re in deep crap when the opposing team out-Tebows you without Tebow.

2. Although this game hasn’t happened yet, I couldn’t resist but post this “trailer.” The long-awaited Manning vs. Brady showdown has finally arrived, n’ I know who my pick is: Manning & the Broncos! One thing is for sure, this will be a can’t miss game of Week 5. Now as I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the Week 5 broadcasting map, fingers crossed that we Californians also get to watch the main event come Sunday. Unfortunately though, it looks like the one week there is no Raiders game, CBS has for some reason decided to take on the Niners at exactly the same time, so…I’ll probably be stuck watching the game on my tiny laptop screen, seeing as Niners game are never blacked-out.  Oh the joys of having two local teams n’ having an even smaller chance of watching your favorite out-of-state team…

1. Speaking of Tom Brady, there are many things he can’t seem to find (like another Super Bowl win). Another thing to add to that list: his helmet.


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