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Broncos: no longer walking on thin glass

A broke college student’s alternative to an aluminum Broncos sign. / QC APPROVED.

A lot of times when I finish a craft project, I’m left with extra materials. In one of my recent projects, I was left with a random piece of glass. I’ve always wanted wanted a Bronco sign, so I decided to make my own. Glass paint being quite pricey and wanting to use more than one color, I decided to make my own “paint.”


  • sheet of glass
  • Con-Tact paper
  • tracing paper (optional)
  • X-acto knife
  • Mod Podge
  • food coloring
  • foam brush

Designing the stencil for your sign.

1. The first step is sketching your design on a sheet of normal paper. I decided to combine some classic Denver Broncos designs. Copy your design onto tracing paper (or freezer/parchment paper) and transfer the design onto the back of Con-Tact paper. Remember to think of your design in terms of a stencil, meaning which  sections will be covered with paint and which sections will expose the glass. If you have a complicated design, it might help to turn it into a black & white design, where you color in the sections you wish to cut out.

Finalizing the design.

2. I then re-traced my design with a black Sharpie to finalize it. To further ensure that I wouldn’t accidentally cut the wrong sections, I colored in some of the smaller shapes I was supposed to X-acto out.

X-actoing the heck out of that Con-Tact paper!

3. Start cutting out your stencil pieces. To avoid losing any pieces, you can begin sticking them on your slab of glass.

Sticking your stencil onto the slab of glass.

4. Slip the paper on which you drew out your design under your glass so you know where to place you stencil pieces.

Painting your sign with homemade glass paint.

5. Now comes the fun part! On a paint palette or simply a wax-coated paper plate (that’s what I used), scoop out some Mod Podge n’ mix in a couple drops of food coloring with a palette knife. When you have mixed desired color(s), paint on glass with your foam brush. If you’re leaving behind too much texture for your taste, you can always thin out your “paint” with a bit of water (be sure to add in small increments). The amount of “paint” you apply will determine how long it will take to dry. After your sign has dried, very carefully peel off your stencil. Depending on how much “paint” is accumulated along the edges of the stencil, you might need to use your X-acto to lightly cut the “paint” from the stencil.

6. Stick in front of window n’ bathe in the glory of having an amazingly, blindingly beautiful sign before your eyes!

Let me just take this moment to give my Denver Broncos some love. They were so amazingly entertaining to watch in their dominant win over the Raiders. I’m so glad they finally snapped their curse versus the Silver & Black at Mile High. Colquitt never once punted the ball…must have been a very boring game for him. Prater probably makes some of the most beautiful kicks, consistently splitting the uprights right down the middle. It was nice to finally see rookie RB Hillman make significant plays. N’ last but not least, Manning…spreading the ball to a bigillion different receivers, he played a perfect game. Broncos have much to be proud of n’ much to look forward to heading to Foxborough to face the probably most-hated non-divisional rival Patriots. Go Broncos!


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