Controlling the quality of life. That's what she said.

The language of the one n’ only, Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh is so almighty that he’s allowed to say what he wants at press conferences n’ expect the audience to understand. So I guess that brings an end to … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

To be honest, the only reason I was even keeping up with football last week was because Broncos were playing Saints on Sunday Night Football. Between the SF Giants playing … Continue reading

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Unlucky number 7

Not to poke fun at head injuries, but the Kansas City Chiefs are probably the team having the toughest time protecting its quarterbacks. Yes, that’s plural because after being concussed, … Continue reading

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Race to MLS Cup – Knockout Round preview n’ more

With the regular season over, tomorrow marks the start of the playoff race to the 2012 MLS Cup. This year’s MLS playoff format has been changed to resemble more that … Continue reading

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Stop #2 on the ISU Grand Prix of figure skating – Skate Canada

I’ve come to realize that I enjoy watching the ladies field much less these days. Skate Canada did not do much to change this. There were some enjoyable performances, but … Continue reading

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Romo wins it for the Giants

The same day Tony Romo self-combusts hosting a pick-fest for the NY Giants, Sergio Romo successfully closes the San Francisco Giants’ sweep of the Detroit Tigers in the World Series.

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Matthew Stafford faceplants – in every sense of the word

Monday Night Football was a very unfortunate outing for the Detroit Lions. Although their defense held up relatively well, their offense couldn’t get anything started until late in the game. … Continue reading

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“Teen Witch” the movie the 80’s wish to forget happened

In the spirit of Halloween, ABC Family has been airing Halloween-related movies. Aside from the obvious horror films, their choice in movies is questionable. The entire Harry Potter series is … Continue reading

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Marco Scutaro loves the San Francisco rain

I don’t know much about baseball, but I know this guy has been pretty darn awesome in the playoffs for the Giants. He seems to be enjoying himself very much … Continue reading

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Tom Brady say what what?

Click for part 1…but he still managed to pull a win out of his derrière (unfortunately).

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