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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

Christian Ponder does the impossible…n’ scored a rushing touchdown against the hostile Niners defense. / Minnesota Vikings.

May I just start by stating how amazing the Vikings are. I may appear to have jumped onto the bandwagon, but the truth is I have always been on the bandwagon. I have been closely following the Vikes since the 2009 season when Brett Favre almost led them to the Super Bowl (I felt like they should have been the ones to face the Colts in the big game). Since then, I have always had a soft spot for the Vikings, except of course last season when Tebow & company squared off with Ponder & his posse. When I saw Christian Ponder replace Donovan McNabb part way through a game last season, I immediately liked what I saw. He had a penchant for throwing interceptions, but he was also willing to take risks in making gutsy plays with huge rewards. I was quite surprised when he went completely under the radar this off/preseason, even when the talk turned to rookie n’ second-year quarterbacks. After three solid showings so far n’ a road of tough competition ahead, I believe his young QB can take the Vikings to the next level especially with a decent receiving core n’ Adrian Peterson balancing the offense with beyond amazing rushing abilities. And here is this week’s countdown –

10. RGIII pretty much schools Trent Richardson in game of H-O-R-S-E.

9. Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson turn up in 49ers locker room. I don’t think there’s any more description needed.

8. Wesley Woodyard’s dance after picking off Matt Schaub tops Von Miller’s dances so far this season.

7. How about the entire Lions/Titans game. Did the Lions seriously twice in the span of 18 seconds? n’ did you catch that Hail Mary tipped right into Titus Young’s hands? But of course, it was only right that Titans finally (!) come out with a much deserved win. Not saying Lions didn’t do their part, but they are such sleepers at the start of games. They’re like the Broncos of the NFC, except with more luck.

6. While icing the kicker almost worked for satan Bill Belichick, it most certainly cost Joe Philbin n’ the Dolphins a win versus division rival Jets.

5. In Week 3 of the 2012 season, the replacement officials are still officiating…and they still suck. Rules state that a team must have a timeout in order to challenge a play since in the event that the team loses the challenge it also loses a timeout. Within the last 3 minutes of the Vikings hosting the Niners, Harbaugh called his third n’ last timeout. After a Viking fumble he challenged the ruling on the field, which he won and the Niners were given the ball as they obviously recovered it. However, Niners should not have been granted the challenge in the first place as they called their last timeout prior to throwing the challenge flag. To make matters worse, after they won the challenge they were given back a timeout. So essentially, the Niners were awarded 4 timeouts in the 2nd half.  Luckily, the Vikes held on to their two-possession lead.

3. In the spirit of being in awe of the Vikes’ victory over the Niners, here is number 3.*GASPS* Alert the press! Leslie Frazier is actually able to show emotion! Then again, who wouldn’t be jumping up and down after knocking off the “best” team in the league as complete n’ utter “underdogs.”

3. A couple weeks after surviving their home opener without a penalty through the first 14 minutes of play, the Raiders cruised through an ENTIRE HALF without a single penalty. Yeah, you read right, 30 minutes of penalty-less play from the silver & black men. I am in awe. I know Raiders are the second most-hated rivals of the Broncos (or first, I guess depending on who you ask), but I’ve got to give it to them, the deserve this number one spot.

2. A few days after the NFL sent out a memo essentially telling coaches to refrain from harassing the replacement officials, I saw the unimaginable: Belichick running after a ref and not-so-gently placing his hand on the ref’s shoulder, immediately after Justin Tucker’s field goal barely split the uprights to secure a Raven’s win over the Patriots.

1. Sleepless in Seattle – it’s just a shame that even if Seattle had lost, we would be talking about all the great things they showed in this game (how about that defense, sacking Rogers about 8 or 9 times in the first half?). Kudos to Packers offense for slightly adjusting in the second half to score against this stingy Seahawks defense, but again, that D held the master of the ball to field goals for two drives. I also like what I’m seeing out of Russell Wilson. He’s by no means RGIII or Andrew Luck, but he just might be what the Seahawks need. And with that, I leave you with this infamous photo n’ gif –

‘Nuff said.

The most controversial call by the replacement refs thus far this season. / SB Nation.


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