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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

This week I found that if  I filled up my top-ten list, most of my points would be about the failures and mistakes replacement refs have committed, so I have decided to cut down this week’s “Wednesday’s 3rd & long” to a “3rd & 6.”

6. Cutler jaws at offensive lineman & sarcastically replies to a dumb question that he dreams of “throwing four picks and getting sacked seven time.” Cutler just has a way with words, doesn’t he? (sarcasm, of course)

5.  Speaking of emotions flying high, there were some other scuffles, none between members of the same team – Coughlin vs. Schiano n’ various Ravens players vs. various Eagles players. Cam Newton & company also had an altercation with a lot of Saints players. Of course, all of America go to see the Broncos n’ Falcons give each other the business after a fumble controversy, a huge outburst of players on the field which the replacement officials failed to control.

4. Speaking of replacement officials’ fails (for which there were a crapload Monday night), they continued to botch calls, missing obvious penalties and imagining personal fouls. I would link to all the mis-spotted balls and bad calls, but then 90% of this post would be composed of links to refereeing mistakes. Instead, I’ll leave you with a roughing call against Dallas for nudging Russell Wilson out-of-bounds at the start of the fourth quarter. Any proper ref wouldn’t even call that in two-touch football. Needless to say, that call didn’t decide the game as the Seahawks were trampling all over the Cowboys, but it still takes away from the integrity of the game and contributes nothing to player safety.

3. Making the most of another chance to take a jab at the replacement refs, Jay Leno ended his monologue with a short segment called “Future NFL Replacement Ref.”

2. Stephen Colbert brought back his Sport Report (of course pronounce, “spore repore”) to take a jab at the replacement refs. I haven’t been keeping up with the Colbert Report, so this is a couple weeks late, but it still provides some good entertainment. There is much of the same in this segment, most jokes have already been made, but stick ’til the end n’ you will be reminded that you’re watching Colbert.

1.  Week 2 provides us with another handful of highly entertaining After returning a put for a 81-yard touchdown, Adam “Pacman” Jones celebrates by sliding down the goal.  Jacobe Jones (Ravens) dances after catching touchdown from Joe Flacco. Sean Weatherspoon does a funny dance after stopping the Bronco offense. Von Miller puts another post-sack dance on display after (finally!) sacking Matt Ryan, n’ Willis McGahee gives a Mile High Salute after scoring a crucial touchdown for the Broncos.

Sean Weatherspoon celebrates after stopping Bronco offense. / Bleacher Report

Von Miller does another funny dance after sacking Ryan. / Bleacher Report.

Who’s ready for some football?


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