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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

10. This year, NBC decided to “change up” the Sunday Night Football theme. So let’s recap – Sunday Night Football is completely and utterly geared to please middle aged white men the American male population. Faith Hill in a shorter dress shirt, prancing around…Don’t get me wrong, I like Faith Hill, but what is up with this objectifying portrayal of her? Maybe I’m being too critical because I lean more towards the feminist side than the male chauvinist pig (MCP) side (aside from the fact that I’m not a male). Maybe I’m reading too much into this intro – Peyton Manning staring into the eyes of million Americans n’ Gronk spiking the ball was awesome, though.

9. It should be said that not just anyone can successfully dunk a football over the goal post. Evidence: Vernon Davis fails to dunk the ball over the goal post. Of course, Jimmy Graham dunks the ball no problem, a feat soon followed by Tony Gonzalez. Excessive celebration? Heck no, it’s entertaining n’ much less dangerous than doing flips n’ cartwheels. Apparently it’s not easy to Gronk-spike the ball either – I mean, even Gronk failed during Sunday’s game with those ginormous hands of his.

8. Upon sacking Big Ben near the end of the game, Von Miller celebrates by paying homage to Tebow with a nice, long “Tebow.” After sacking Big Ben another time, Miller did some hilariously random lil’ dance apparently from the movie Little Giants. It was also nice to see one player (I can’t believe I forgot who) do the Mile High Salute after getting a first-down (I believe), made famous by (my favorite running back ever!) Terrell Davis. Now Eric Decker just has to catch a touchdown pass n’ bring the salute back to the endzone, where it belongs!

7. Speaking of a blast form the past, during the Broncos’ home opener versus the Steelers, Peyton Manning slung a pass to Demariyus Thomas resulting in a 71-yard catch-n-run touchdown. I bet that brought back memories from last season’s playoff game at Mile High for the Steelers.

6. Replacement officials continue to have (not-so) “minor” fails in officiating.

5. Jay Cutler was sacked on his first play of the 2012 season – typical. As much as San Diego’s Phillip Rivers is picked off, Cutler is sacked, so there’s probably no start more fitting for the 7th year veteran. The Bears’ second series then began & ended with Cutler chucking a pick…wonderful start to their pummeling of the Colts!

4. Speaking of sacking, did you see Brandon Weeden getting “sacked” by the American flag?

3. David Akers kicks a 63-yard field goal that hops over the goal post, tying three other kickers for the longest field goal (one of them being Jason Elam, Broncos superstar kicker!). The kick itself didn’t particularly get me out of my seat, but Akers’s face after he realized his kick was good was priceless.

2. I enjoyed watching RGIII play throughout the whole game versus the Saints, but if I had to choose one play that stood out: 88-yard catch-n-run to Pierre Garcon, which was fittingly his first NFL touchdown. Among his amazing plays was one where he remained patient despite pressure upfront, ran out of the pocket, and when it looked like he would run for the first-down, he actually chucked the ball to a receiver for a completion.  His calmness and poise definitely adds to the hype. And what is this I hear about Griffining?

1. John Harbaugh has high praises for Joe Flacco, closing out his press conference with, “Pay the man!” I agree, Flacco’s got moves! I hope he continues to play this well the rest of the season because if he does, Ravens will be invincible! I’m definitely all-in for a Texans/Ravens showdown in the AFC Championships. Oh wait, Broncos are also in the AFC…


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