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Sunday Funday: entertaining lead-in to Football Night in America

Robert Griffin III throwing his first NFL touchdown. / AP Photo.

Here in the Bay, the two morning 10AM games were Washington at New Orleans and Indianapolis at Chicago. Needless to say it was difficult to choose which game to watch. Having basic cable, I opted for the watch-a-drive-switch-the-channel routine. I managed to catch both Luck & RGIII’s first completions of their NFL careers before I was quickly sucked into the Colts/Bears game. I was probably drawn in by the familiarity of the Bears’ lineup on offense with Brandon Marshall joining Cutler in Chicago to revive the dynamic duo. A couple acrobatic sideline catches by Marshall showed flashes of the duo’s time in Denver. The game, however, soon fizzled out into a Bears massacre of the Colts, with Andrew Luck throwing a pair of picks. Upon switching to the Redskins game, I was immediately greeted with some intense action. Watching RGIII and company march up and down the Super Dome was quite gratifying, as I have been waiting for Shanahan’s Redskins to rise above expectations for a long while now. Although Redskins were in the driver seat for most of the game, I was still at the edge of my seat afraid Brees would woop some amazingly miraculous drive out from his derriere. The Redskins’ win makes RGIII the only of five rookies to walk (or rather run) away with a win.

As the afternoon 1:30PM games rolled out, only the 49ers game was televised in the Bay, which was a bit of a bummer as I was more interested in watching Russel Wilson and the Seahawks. I settled for a choppy online stream of the game, during which I was mostly checking scores and highlights of the other games around the league. This first Sunday of the season was not without its share of “upsets” (albeit some losing teams were rather narrowly favored over their opponents). I take it most NFL “experts” still favored the Saints because they were at their Super Dome home against a rookie-QB-led Redskins – ‘Skins D ran all over the Saints’ offense, and RGIII lived up to the hype. The Eagles visiting the Browns was very nearly an obvious upset, but Michael Vick lost the battle for the worst QB and scored a much-needed touchdown. However, he still managed to post the same number of interceptions as Brandon Weeden (4). The Lions also battled it down to the wire to avoid an upset against the Rams. I’m not quite sure if this would qualify as an upset as both teams seemed rather weak heading into the season, but the Jets pummeled the Bills in a 48-28 blowout. The Cardinals held on to narrowly beat the Seahawks, possibly pulling off an upset as Russell Wilson appeared to have a lot of momentum heading into his season opener. In clearly beating the Packers, 49ers pulled off what some believed to be an upset, seeing as Aaron Rodgers was seemingly unstoppable last regular season. The last of the “upsets” is probably the Panthers losing to the Buccs, considering that there were such high hopes and expectations for Cam Newton now that a better defense has been established. However, the Buccs played well and led the whole game.

Overall, this first full day of football has been full of good football despite being a pick-fest (rookies weren’t the only ones throwing craploads of interceptions). Of course, the Broncos have not finished (hopefully) demolishing the Steelers, and there are still two Monday Night Football games to be played, but I think it’s safe to say that this is a good Week 1 of NFL football.

The verdict on Sunday Funday: QC APPROVED.


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