Controlling the quality of life. That's what she said.

Wednesday’s 3rd & long

May I just start by stating how amazing the Vikings are. I may appear to have jumped onto the bandwagon, but the truth is I have always been on the … Continue reading

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Earthquake warning – they’re on fire!

Let it be said, I have never been a fan of soccer. I respect soccer players as athletes, as I do all sports (except golf…), but the entertainment factor lacks … Continue reading

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Upcycling the heck out of maps & magazines

Whoever says it’s impossible to get around without a car obviously doesn’t live in the Bay. Public transit might take a little while longer, but it’s definitely cheaper and a … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

This week I found that if  I filled up my top-ten list, most of my points would be about the failures and mistakes replacement refs have committed, so I have … Continue reading

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A childhood game brought to the table

This past summer I decided to open my own Etsy shop. I wanted to create products that were made of recycled items – yes, I jumped on the upcycling bandwagon. … Continue reading

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tGIF ‘cuz it’s almost Monday Night Football (Broncos)!

When I hoped for the San Diego at Oakland game to be completely n’ utterly horrible, I did not expect this to happen – Talk about snafu! Props to the … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s 3rd & long

10. This year, NBC decided to “change up” the Sunday Night Football theme. So let’s recap – Sunday Night Football is completely and utterly geared to please middle aged white … Continue reading

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Gift wrapping: a legen – I hope you’re not lactose intolerant – dairy approach

This past weekend was my friend’s birthday, so I had gotten her Barney’s Playbook (from How I Met Your Mother). Like with most (more like all) gifts, I don’t know … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: entertaining lead-in to Football Night in America

Here in the Bay, the two morning 10AM games were Washington at New Orleans and Indianapolis at Chicago. Needless to say it was difficult to choose which game to watch. … Continue reading

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tGIF ‘cuz it’s almost football night in America!

Dallas Cowboys have come a long way . . . . . . albeit they have only played their first game of the season. I have resumed my annual betting … Continue reading

September 7, 2012 · Leave a comment

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Cleveland at Denver

Browns at BroncosDecember 23rd, 2012
Are you ready for some football?!
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